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Georgia Native Azaleas
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Welcome to a Site on Native Azaleas.

This site gives information and resources for growing, identification and propagation of native Azaleas and rhododendron. If you would like to view photos, please visit my

Photo Website

I have been collecting Native Azaleas for over 46 years. The first 31years , I collected
them from the woods. The last 16 to 21 years by seed and stem propagation. These
propagation methods of Native Azaleas work for me.

Most of the photos in on this website are from the Earl Sommerville and the Kelly Strickland Collections.

My own photos - taken by me in my gardens - can be viewed on my photo website: www.earlsommerville.com/photos

Additional Photos

The Azalea Chapter Photo Album
Don Hyatt's Website
Groenlandicum - The Arctic Survivor

Here are some links with information on Native Azaleas:
Frank Pelurie -- By Seed
Allen Cantrell -- By Root Cutting
Charles Hunterís article: Rododendron Chapman II: An American Survivor

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